New sign

We are always trying to "gussy up" the booth.  Candice and the kids made a new sign for the show at the Zilker Botanical Garden in Austin this past weekend.  Candice cut all the pieces out with her laser machine and the kids painted all the stuff and put it looked really good in the booth.

These are some of the letters that were cut out by the laser.  Candice used Masonite for the letters, flowers and the pot.

This is the drop (the stuff we don't use) from the laser, pretty cool stuff.

Sign painters from left to right...Candice, Zeb and Lena Marie.

Zeb and Lena Marie takin' a break.

Lena Marie and Zeb...taking all the credit.

Finished sign in the booth.  It really looked great and even got some inquires.  People are always amazed at what the laser machine is capable of...but it's really what the designer is capable of.  THANKS for the new sign Candice!!!