Happy New Year

Hi Everyone!

I sure hope the New Year is treating you fine.  2014 was fantastic and the Salazar Clan made it through the year smiling - we hope that we will be as fortunate in 2015!

December 22nd was our two-year anniversary on the farm.  Candice and I are still making and selling our art full time.  Last year, we sold at 26 art fairs across Texas.  It kept us busy and kept me out of trouble. :)  We worked on the farm a bit - we are now set up on 100% rainwater, we built a cover over the bus, poured a kiln shed slab and added a patio on to our studio.  We still have lots to do but our mantra is "slow and steady, slow and steady."

Candice is the glue that keeps the whole place together and functioning.  She coordinates all our great meals including all the breads, tortilla and marshmallows.  She keeps the bus nice and pretty, reads a lot, homeschools the kids, makes and sells her art, tends the goat herd, takes care of the dogs, donkey and the chickens, knits and finds time to read to the kids every night before bed.

The kids are wonderful - Lena Marie is 5 going on 25 and Zeb is 3 going on 4.  Lena Marie is finishing up kindergarten and on her way to 1st grade.  We are homeschooling and that has been a learning curve for all of us!  She is an active member in her Daisy Girl Scout troop and also takes ballet and tap lessons once a week.  (Her recital is May 30th if anyone wants to come watch.)  Lena Marie is selling girl scout cookies right now too.  The girl scouts have gone digital - big deal, just ask Candice.  As the Troop Leader, she is totally immersed.

Zeb is quite the boy.  He has started some homeschool stuff too and is eager to jump in with his sister.  He is loving Hot Wheels, Iron Man, his bike, his bow and arrow and anything he can crush or smash.  He likes talking about gross stuff and he thinks is SO funny - which he usually is...  They both keep us laughing and shaking our heads.  We love them.

We just wanted to say hello and Happy New Year.  Let you know what we have been up to and send good vibes to you and yours for the coming year.  If you are ever in our area, please, don't hesitate to stop in!  Just give us a call and we will head down and open the gate!

Your friends,

Jim Bob, Candice Ann, Lena Marie and the Zeb Man