Half full or half empty???

Thanks for checkin' in on us.  Right now we are knee deep in show season and this coming weekend will be the seventh show in seven weekends.  We are worn out and ready for the break between shows...next weekend.  It seems that all I do is eat, sleep, make pots and drive.  We will be in Kerrville this weekend for the Kerrville Festival of the Arts.  I hope this will be the lucky 7's show for us.

In booth conversation it often comes up that we do lots of shows.  Inevitably someone will ask..."do you just leave all your stuff in the truck for next time?"  As a result of all the shows we do, we not completely unload the truck every week when we are in a multiple week run of shows.  Typically we just take the pots out so that we don't expose them to any more travel time and stress than they need.  The pots are pretty tough but why risk it.  We leave the rest in the truck, it's just not worth the time of unloading, storing and then reloading for the next weekend.  The "rest" of the stuff in the truck consists of the show box, four chairs (two for us and two for the kids), the EZ-up, the display rack, two signs, and some odds and ends.  It may not sound like a lot but it takes up half the truck.  So, it's sort of a big deal to be moving it around when it's not necessary.

We have a camper top on the truck and I have come up with a way to divide the space into the top and the bottom.  All the pots ride on the bottom and all the "stuff" rides up top.  Here is a photo of the stuff in the back ready for the next show.    In the spirit of "is the glass half full or half empty".....is the truck half loaded or half unloaded?  I say, half loaded and one step closer to departure time.

If you find yourself in Kerrville this weekend please stop by and say hello.  No pressure...we just want to see you.