Our New Logo

We are changing things up around here!  We have decided to brand ourselves a little differently and start by going by our official studio name:  Green Dog Studio.  We had our wonderful friend and artist Jeff Bent with Sporecloud design our logo.  Our inspiration was those old seed packets from the 70's. We think he did a great job, right?

Daisy, our Lesser Jardines' Parrot
The first question we get is why a parrot?  Well, we had a wonderful Lesser Jardine's Parrot, Daisy, for years.  We traveled to art shows with her and she hung out on a tub while we sold pots.  This, of course, was before we had children.  At one of our art shows, a fellow artist asked, "Where is Daisy?  Your little green dog.  She is just like a little green dog."  We thought she was absolutely right! She was like a little green dog.  She could do tricks, she was loyal as a little dog and traveled with us just like a little green dog!  So when it was time to create a studio name we thought Green Dog Studio would be perfect. 

 Daisy, unfortunately, had a immune disorder and became very, very sick.  Her life was not at all as long as we expected but she made a huge impact on us while we had her.  We are so glad that we named our studio after our little green dog.

So I want to get some t-shirts, hats and new business cards that will bring our new branding all together.  I am also working on a new sign for the booth that will show our new logo large and in charge!  Look for it at our next show!