Is that a bicycle wheel?

Jim Bob is making these super cool wind spinnies out of old bicycle wheels!  What do you think?  I'm not sure where the inspiration came from to inspire JB to make these but they are consuming him entirely.  He is making the brackets, cutting the sheet metal for the cones, finding thai spoons on ebay....he is all about them!  I thought they were so cool we added one to our chicken coop.  I think the chickens are digging it.

Look at the video of a wind spinny doing its thingy:

All the cones are cut from flashing and bent to form the cones that catch the wind.

The cones are all bent and attached to the wheel.

We use random beads, forks, thai spoons, fishing lures...whatever we think would look cool, we string'em up!

We spray paint the interior of the cones to add some color.

Handmade clay beads, beads and some fishing lures add some fine detail to this wind spinny!

More fun!

The Bobbit Family bought a wind spinny from us in Edom, Texas.
 Thank you guys!  It sure looks pretty in your yard!

Aren't they cool?

Come check them out for yourself at our next show!

See you then!