Are these new?

Jim Bob and I had quite the crummy 2017.  But have no fear, we are back and loving life more than ever.  Last year JB was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma and it pretty much rocked our world.  He underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatments and is now, officially, in remission.  Woohoo!  As many of you unfortunately know, those treatments will take it out of you.  JB didn't throw pots for about 9 months and focused on, first surviving, then healing, gaining strength, energy and trying to find a happy mental state through out it all.

Now we are back in the studio and we find ourselves ready for change.  When you see us at shows in the future look for our new majolica  pots.

JB is still throwing his beautiful, well crafted pots but instead of glazing and carving them, like he did in the past, he is now handing them over to me.  I am dipping them in a majolica glaze and using underglazes and "Stroke and Coats" to decorate the surface.  You will also see some mugs, bowls and wall hanging vases, along with the usual flower pots, bird feeders and bird baths in our booth.

New mug designs. 
We are always a bit hesitant to change our work because it feels like we work really hard perfecting it and starting over always feels counterproductive.  Now it seems we find ourselves in a different form of reality.  I think cancer or any other life threatening situation will do that to you.  Now we find ourselves in a spot where we want to share more of the process together and we are ready to take some chances.  Be more playful, maybe?  Not spend every waking moment doing the same design over and over... I don't know.  So far, we are  enjoying it and we hope you enjoy them too!

Sweet little tea bowl.

New flower pot design.  These are so much fun to glaze!

We call these "Buddy Bud Vases".

Still making those fabulous bird feeders.

The bird bath, always a favorite.