New Times!

Life is changing, right?  Weird world.  New times.  All that.  About a year ago, I took a part time job  at wonderful antique store in Gonzales, Laurel Ridge Antiques & Inn.   It's a 3 story historic home and it is fabulous.  Barbara, the owner, has been an absolute dream - wonderful to work for, fun to be around and quite the mentor!  She gave me a huge opportunity after the new year and gave me some freedom to merchandise the two front rooms of Laurel Ridge.  Of course, I jumped on it and brought in wonderful artisans that Jim Bob and I have been doing shows with for years now.  If you stop by Laurel Ridge (827 St. Joseph Street, Gonzales, Texas 78629), you won't find just our work for sale, but you will also find 10+ other artisans.  Cool, right?  I am so excited about the path we are happily skipping down!

Check out Laurel Ridge's website: 

If you stop by the shop, you will most likely find us there (except Tuesday or Wednesdays).  You can shop the website too - we are shipping pots!  I don't have ALL of our stuff online but I am working on it!  

Come see us!