Jim Bob can make or fix anything.  "Jim Bob can you build us a deck?", "Jim Bob will you fix the fence the goats busted?", "Dad will you build me a tree house and fix my bike?"  Yes, Jim Bob hears these sorts of request often and somewhere in between being a Dad, a handyman and an artist, he finds the time to throw pots - lots and lots of pots!  He is known for his attention to detail from creating his beautiful hanging flower pots to cutting up perfect potato squares for dinner.  In his spare time, he is tinkering with tools and watching some sort of foodie documentary.  If you come to see us, he is quick to offer a cold beverage and a shady spot to sit.  So stop on by and give him an excuse to drink that cold beverage!  

Candice is a full time home school mom, the pot glazer, a goat whisperer, a cook, a baker, a Girl Scout Troop Leader, the bookkeeper, the bird maker and the best double bouncer (kids play on the trampoline a lot) in Gonzales County.  She is also known to make a pretty good pizza on the grill.  Her favorite things are a good book and a large glass of wine.  If you drop by the farm, she will probably be outside with the kids cleaning a goat pen or trying to find where the chickens decided to lay those eggs.

Lena Marie is an aspiring artist!  She loves to paint, draw, color, cut, glue...pretty much anything crafty and she is on it!  If she isn't in the studio creating something, you can find her with her little dog Lou Lou outside making mud pies.  Lena Marie's favorite color is pink and her favorite thing is mint chocolate chip ice cream. She is a devoted Girl Scout and loves her Girl Scout sisters.  You will probably see Lena Marie in the booth at an art show chatting with a customer about the clay process.   

Zeb is a Lego Maniac.  Right now, his favorite Lego Man is Clutch Powers.  He could talk to you all day about Legos if he could stay still that long.  When he is not building and destroying Lego villages, he is outside digging in the dirt and mud, splashing in the puddles, playing in the sand box and doing flips on the trampoline.