Making Pots

Starts off with a lump of mud.

Smacks it down real nice.

Makes sure its on there!

Centers and pulls it out.

Up it goes!

Starting to collar in to form the spout.

There it is.

Clean up the tip.

All in the details.

This tool is made from the guts of a crank pencil sharpener.

Pretty cool, eh?

Well done.

White slip goes on...

Now to smooth out the white slip...

Nice job, Jim Bob!

Good days work!

When the pots have just the right feel, the carving begins.

One done.  How many more?

We glaze the pots on the wheel.  

We run a sponge over to get the dust off...

and add some glaze.

We use a brush and a hair color applicator squeeze bottle.  

We put four coats of glaze on each pot.  So, three more to go.

From here, the glazed pots are loaded into the kiln and fired to cone 03 - 1987 degrees.  That's hot.